Quality policy

We believe that quality is a basic business principle, and that quality management is an integral part of the project. We will:

  • Take a systematic approach to quality management that is designed to provide high quality and on time services to satisfy Project Requirements and satisfaction of our clients.
  • Review performance of the project activities regularly, evaluate performance information to ensure the project requirements and needs will be meet
  • Assess quality management system effectiveness and plan for continual improvement
  • Provide resources to meet our quality commitments and foster a culture in which all employees share this commitment
  • Fulfillment of defined quality objectives
  • Ensure that this policy remains relevant
  • Training of human resources, employing specialist
  • Initiating New services and development within market

Management representative is responsible for implementation, controlling and providing analytical reports on regular basis to top management of this policy within organization.

B. Hosseini
Managing Director