IQS provides consulting, administrative and training services in the field of Quality and HSE Management Services, Technical Inspection and Advanced Non Destructive Testing.  We offer affordable, effective and complete solutions to your requirements for on-site personnel training and certification, development of HSE & Quality Control documents i.e.: IMS Plan, Inspection and Test Plan, Procedures, Working instruction, NDT technique data sheets, Auditing services,… .

We are providing the following services to the industrial projects in compliance with up to date international standards, rules and regulations:

  • Inspection Engineering Consultancy
    • Critical examination of Inspection Specifications, Drawing and Calculation notes
    • Risk Based Inspections (RBI), Remaining Life Assessment
  • Management System Consultancy (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
    • Vendor Qualification, Audit and Evaluation
    • Development and Implementation of quality program
  • Welding Engineering
    • Qualification of Welding Procedures
    • Approval of Welders and Welding operators
    • Welding Inspection and Quality Control

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  • Performance or Monitoring of Destructive and Non Destructive Tests in Laboratories and Plant

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  • Training and Certification of NDT and Inspection Personnel
  • Radiation Safety Consultancy and Background Monitoring
  • Material Evaluation and Fracture Investigation


  • Corrosion Control and Cathodic protection
  • Fabrication Control (Machining, Heat Treating, Painting, Coating, Dimensional Control, …)
  • Performance or monitoring of Pre-commissioning activities (Hydro-testing, pigging,…)


IQSecc is managed by a team of professionals who have been in the inspection business for onshore and offshore Iranian projects for the past 12 years. This progressive approach together with its multi-skilled staff has allowed us to rapidly penetrate both the domestic and international markets.

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